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A Waldorf Kindergarten from 1986 – 2016.

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The Spindlewood experience is a balanced program that weaves active, outside movement and quiet, inward activities into a beautiful fabric that brings comfort and security to the children, and develops a foundation for lifelong learning.

The outdoor play yards include a shallow frog pond, a flowing stream, plenty of shade trees as well as plenty of space for running, digging, gardening, swinging and climbing. Well-designed play structures and a quiet, shaded sand box provide a balanced outdoor play environment. When outdoors, the teachers might do a gardening project with the children, or lead them on a nature walk through our beautiful woodlands.

During circle time, the teacher leads the children on movement journeys to verse and song, strengthening their physical development and language acquisition. At story time, the teacher creates a magical environment that allows the children to delve into their imagination and travel on a rich, picturesque journey through the spoken word. During indoor play time, the teachers are often actively engaged in purposeful work, allowing the children to enter deeply into imaginative play, while the teacher observes and facilitates if needed. The children help prepare and serve a wholesome mid-morning meal of grains, fruits and vegetables.

Spindlewood’s cottage is on a quiet road. Walking paths lead past  John Silverio’s architecture and painting studio. Also on the property are Susan and John’s home and gardens, as well as a barn and pasture with three sheep and three hens. The peaceful and natural setting invites children to explore and interact with the natural world and with each other at their own developmental pace.

Located in the center of Lincolnville, Maine, Spindlewood began in 1986 as the first home of Ashwood Waldorf School, which now has a separate campus in Rockport.

Spindlewood invites and welcomes children and families of any race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and national or ethnic origin. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Susan Silverio 105 Proctor Road, Lincolnville, ME 04849- 207-763-4652

Member of the Independent Schools Association of Mid-Coast Maine

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