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Our son’s years at Spindlewood were a gift to all of us.  There are places in the world that are peaceful and blessed and this is one of them. Our son wanted our backyard to look more like school so we planted snowdrops and grew a chestnut tree from one of the chestnuts he collected on the annual pilgrimage to the tree.  So many wonderful memories of the regatta, storytime, the christmas spiral, stone soup…most of all I remember the smiling boy in big rain boots running to me at the end of the day to tell me of all he had done.  I knew it would be the best start for our son, what we did not expect was all that we gained from the community as  a family.  Thank you Spindlewood Waldorf Kindergarten and Preschool!

A. Robbins-Wilson

This little Waldorf preschool lives as a precious and important experience in the lives of all three of my grown sons. It’s an enchanted place where children grow and learn throughout the rhythm of the day. The balance of play in nature and service in their community of children formed the confident men they are to this day. Liz Hannibal Drury


Anneka spent last year at Spindlewood and had a year full of soup days, bread baking, garden races, sledding, storytelling and fingerknitting. It was wonderful to see her grow so much in this special place. They are enrolling now for September!                                Emily Margeson Egeland


Check out this wonderful little pre school nestled in a magical place in the woods. My youngest children attended there and they enjoyed their experiences immensely. It offers more than your average pre school. A great community, harmonious rhythms and overall a nourishing experience 💜 Lori MacDougal Doolen


Spindlewood is still enrolling 3-5 year old children for the fall! As Spindlewood alumni, we can’t say enough lovely things about our experience. How lucky we are to have this treasure in Lincolnville!   Briar Lyons


Spindlewood is simply magical. There is no sweeter place for a young child to learn and grow. Pat Shannon


Local friends! Are you still looking for a pre-k to kindergarten program for your little ones? Spindlewood Waldorf Kindergarten and Preschool in Lincolnville is enrolling now!


Both of our boys were blessed with many years of playing and exploring here, 10 total to be exact and I cannot express my gratitude enough that our family had this experience. Play based education at its best!!!    JoAnna Greenwood


We had five wonderfully nourishing years at Spindlewood. I can’t describe in words the influence it had on me. It was there that I learned the foundations of mothering and the significance of healthy childhood through daily rhythm, warmth, and simplicity. Ina went for 3 years and Ami for 2, and along the way, I learned and grew with them.There’s a timelessness that is preserved there, that I think is so important for young children to experience. I strive to recreate what is there at home, but it just isn’t possible! Spindlewood Waldorf Kindergarten and Preschool is a special place for all of us and it will always will be. Thank you so much, Ms. Susan!     Maho Hisakawa


Spindlewood is the most wonderful Early Childhood Program I’ve ever visited an amazing little oasis that any young child would be blessed to experience. It is truly one of a kind!

Rose Kelley-Demers


Such a fabulous place! Can’t imagine a better start for our son or for any child.    T. Wilson

To be a part of Spindlewood is to have an enchanted realm outside the busy busy world where one can dream. Thank you for providing a space where our son can learn and where we may be reminded of the timeless wonder of childhood and the natural world.
– Amy

…… I have been pleasantly surprised with (my child’s) transition back to Spindelwood.  She has been very chatty about her time in Waldorf kindergarten student with chickenschool and  all she has to say is very positive.  We have been through the  Valentines heart numerous times – whilst looking through it she said  “I’m so lucky to have so many good friends”.  Who wouldn’t feel  comfortable in such a caring and compassionate environment?!
– Nicole

“My children and I have great memories of Spindlewood and Miss Susan and we often talk with great fondness about our experiences there.  You have created such a magical place at Spindlewood, Susan and I am so thankful my children had a chance to experience it.  It was the first place my daughter spent the most amount of time away from me and if I knew then what I know now I would have enrolled her much earlier.”
– Julie

I have been loving the opportunity to do handwork with the moms…it is so wonderful to be together..children playing, lots of laughs and conversations….tea and bread, truly a magical way to be creating community among the parents…thank you for that.
– Jen

Thank  you very much for such a special time last evening.  I love how the evergreen spiral along with each child glowing from their candles and their hearts, transformed the space.
– Stephenie

Spindlewood is such a blessing for all of us.  We are profoundly grateful for your work and leadership in creating such a fantastic and enchanting school for our children.  I simply can’t imagine a better place for our son to get his start.
– Tim

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