Spindlewood’s dedicated staff is committed to supporting the development of all children and fostering their imaginations and love of learning during their formative first seven years.

Teacher ~ Sarah Roe

Sarah Roe

Sarah Roe has been guiding students of all ages for more than a decade.  Sarah majored in fine arts at Boston University and the University of New Hampshire where she also concentrated in education.  Sarah has taught at non-profit art centers as well as public and private schools.  Her focus has been developing pathways that truly reach and nourish students at all levels.  She has guided youth and adults with meditation and believes strongly in the importance of helping people to connect to themselves and their journeys through artwork, experience in nature, spiritual awareness and nourishment for the body.  Sarah is passionate about sharing the art of food and nourishment.  There is no place she would rather spend her days than in the woods with children cooking, playing, knitting, making art, sharing stories and exploring while supporting little ones to grow their roots in soils that will truly nourish their journeys.

Founding Teacher/Director, Retired ~ Susan Silverio

Susan Silverio PhotoSusan was the founding teacher of Ashwood Waldorf School in 1986. When the Rockport campus was purchased in 1993 for the development of Ashwood’s grade school, Susan maintained the kindergarten in Lincolnville, Maine near her home and it became Spindlewood Waldorf Kindergarten and LifeWays Center, where she continued as lead teacher until 2014.

From 1988-2004, Susan was also the founder and volunteer executive director of Mid-Coast Hospitality House, a shelter for homeless women and families in Rockport, Maine.

Since 2005, Susan has been leading courses in LifeWays Early Childhood and Human Development training, in Maine, Connecticut, North Carolina and Pennsylvania for adults who care for young children.

“I believe firmly that in a child’s early years, the foundation is laid for his or her entire life: for their health and well-being, for their sense of relationship with other human beings and with all realms of nature. It is about giving the child the opportunity to play, to explore, to be outdoors, to experience the arts and the spoken word, living images, stories and music. It is about giving them something worthy of imitation, inwardly as well as outwardly. In this way a child finds a sense of inner authority.”   Susan

Susan lives nearby with her husband John Silverio.

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